Photo Friday: Scribbles

I’m just going to own up to the defunct-ness of my sketch-a-day blog, The Dapper Doodle.  While originally intentioned as a way to force me to dust off my creaky drawing habit, it turned out to be an obligation more than a hobby.

I used to “draw” quite a bit as a kid but it’s dropped to the wayside as Geeky, Acne’d Loner Teenager Me changed into Geeky, Acne’d Married Adult Me + Dog.  (In that first year of puppyhood, don’t expect to get anything done, like, you know, read a book or anything.)

So let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, when I was still a glimmer in Lance’s “desperate for a man” hopes and dreams, to revisit one of my latter “art projects.”  Can you spot when my dream to become a Disney animator or comic book artist crashed in a fiery heap on the side of the road?

Right before Lance and I were to officially move in together, he commissioned me to create a few paintings to hang up in our new place.  The theme was X-Men…or probably more accurately, X-Women.  Storm, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Rogue, Psylocke, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, DAZZLER…the list goes on and on.

Why the women of the X-Men?  I dunno.  Something about Storm in particular is very appealing to gay men, as far as I’ve been able to tell during my extensive anthropological studies of gay culture.

We’d been watching a lot of the Justice League cartoon around this same time, and I love Bruce Timm’s very angular, geometric, exaggerated (enormous chin on Superman, bodacious hips on Wonder Woman) simple character designs.  They may be perpetuating sexist imagery to children, but hey!, it looks cool.

A few examples:

I definitely don’t claim ownership over any of these. These were created by acclaimed “Batman: The Animated Series” co-creator Bruce Timm.

So with this sort of style as my guide, I starting putting these together. I started with Jean Grey/Phoenix, my favorite X-man:

Original sketch on canvas.
Original coat of acrylic, then orange background filler, since it’s Lance’s favorite color.

Next, I moved on to Storm, in classic “X-Men: The Animated Series” uniform:

It will melt your brain if you think too much about Storm’s anatomy here.

And I finished with Rogue, also in her “X-Men: TAS” uniform (seriously, these characters change costumes like every six months).  I originally had Rogue in a different pose than what she ended up with:


This wasn’t dynamic enough, I didn’t think, to balance out all the crazy baloney that’s going on with my Storm, so I went a different route, and based (err, stole?) the final pose from the cover of Rogue #1 by the late, super great Mike Wieringo.

Above: Wieringo’s original piece.

Below: mine, which is basically the same thing:


Together and displayed as intended, the three pieces looked like this:


These garish things hung above our sofa for two and a half years…and now occupy a snug little corner of our storage unit.  Anybody who wants ’em, let me know–we’ll barter.

What sort of decorations/artwork have you created for your humble abode?



When we rescued Kitty all those years ago (well, like two), she came factory-declawed.  I wouldn’t declaw a cat myself, but, you know, it has its advantages and we weren’t going to turn her down.

And so, for many a year (read: two), declawed Kitty and her two daddies were happily living life, chock full o’ purring, belly rubbins, and lap-sittin’.

Then the big, bouncing monster known as Ripley came along.

Kitty, ever the lady, didn’t want to seem rude at first, and would graciously allow Rip to get close to her; I guess she assumed he’d just bow to Her Majesty, but unfortunately, that approach was more like “a precursor to a pounce,” and soon Kitty was underfoot (err, paw).

Eventually, Kitty tried to assert her dominance by batting at Rip’s snout any time he got too close. The bad news?  Without a sharp-clawed deterrent, Rip just saw Kitty’s bats as a cute, rhythmic petting.  He didn’t really take the hint that Kitty is boss and doesn’t care to play with him.

I feel bad.  Kitty is my princess and deserves better than to be under constant threat of a dog-based terror attack.  I need to give her the tools in which to defend herself.

Kitty needs to be weaponized.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild her.  We have the technology.