Re-Disney: The Great Disney Rewatch

I don’t consider myself a super-creative type, but the origins of whatever small, water-droplet-sized amount I do have can be traced back to a movie theatre in 1989, where, at the age of four, I first saw the silhouette of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle cascade over a blue background. Every time I hear that music, the crescendo as Tinker Bell arches over the castle…man, shudders down the spine.

Those 15 seconds were my gateway drug to Disney.  And in 1989, as the castle faded away and Prince Eric’s ship sailed toward me through the fog, I was introduced to the immersive power of animation.  I mean, people actually drew all of this, creating a whole world out of nothing!  To me, a shy kid with a No. 2 pencil, they were like gods.

I never became the animator I aspired to be when I was a kid, but over the following 20-plus years, I did become a Disney-phile.  Say what you want about the Mouse-as-Corporation, or the Mouse-as-Antifeminist, or try to argue that animated films are for babies, but it’s gonna fall on deaf ears here.  My irrational love of Disney stems from my indebtedness to their creative teams for all of the joy they have provided in my life.

What’s really exciting is that in just over a month, Lance and I will be taking a jetplane down to Orlando for a mini-Disney vacation (thanks, Aunt Boo Boo!). It’ll be the first time I will get to stay at a park resort (as opposed to the Master Inn, amirite, guys?), the first time I’ve made dining reservations at some of the resort’s higher-end restaurants, and the first time that I’ll be able to have that whole Disney experience with Lance.

And to all you hipsters out there who only like Disney ironically while also bemoaning about how inauthentic, how manufactured it is: yeah, it is, and I know. But that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

So all of that brings me to what I’m dubbing “Re-Disney.” (more…)