Thanks, Kermit

Now for something completely schmaltzy:

(Apologies for the cut-off on top–my scanner’s being a butt.)

If y’all didn’t hear, The Jim Henson Company has severed all ties with Chick-fil-A, the gay-hating fast food chain of oh-so-delicious chicken (I obviously have a conflicted relationship with Chick-fil-A).  Having a high-profile entertainment company, particularly one that produces content meant (in part) for children, denounce bigotry is a huge deal.  It’s another step toward creating a culture of greater inclusion and tolerance, which is hopefully all the next generation will ever know.

Now, Disney actually owns the Muppets (the Jim Henson Company sold the rights in the early 2000s), so it’s unclear what this means for Kermit and Miss Piggy and Camilla the Chicken (hopefully, she’s nowhere near this situation!).  Nevertheless, having Jim Henson, father and soul of Kermit the Frog, and his name associated with a denouncement of Chick-fil-A’s opposition to gay rights puts Disney in an awkward position.  Do they go against the wishes of Jim Henson’s family for whatever monetary incentive Chick-fil-A may provide in the future, or do they uphold the Jim Henson Company’s longstanding celebration of diversity and equality?

Walt Disney World 2012 Day One Trip Report

Above: Lance captures our time in Disney World (medium: pencil). I’m beginning to grow fond of the way he draws ducks.

Day 0: Okay, we’re off to the airport! I’ve got my Toy Story luggage tag, a fairly intense itinerary, and lots of excitement. LET’S DO THIS THING! (more…)

Lance, Un-American?

Even after 5 years or thereabouts, Lance remains a near mystery to me (and, believe me, I’ve seen it all, even things I wish I could unsee!).  One such example: there are many things which good-natured, apple pie-eating Americans adore…and Lance despises.  Here’s just a sampling of things that Lance inexplicably dislikes:

  • The Muppets
  • Claymation
  • The movie A Christmas Story
  • NPR
  • The Back to the Future movies
  • Friday Night Light‘s Tami Taylor, y’all
  • The Peanuts
  • Star Wars
  • The whole of Europe (though, I guess this fact makes him MORE American, somehow…)

…And the real kicker is Mad Men.  Yeah, I get that it’s not for everybody–especially considering Sunday’s weak season finale! Boo!–but Lance has a friend from grade school who works as a producer on the show.  Shouldn’t he like it just enough to get a set visit out of the deal? It’s completely unpatriotic not to exploit this relationship for my benefit.  For shame!