Passive Aggression: The Musical

photo-1Not gonna lie: I’m a fairly passive aggressive person.  I know, I know, passive aggression is extremely irritating; I can’t stand when people point it in my direction.

Still, I come from a family of stoic, non-confrontational types.  But we’re also opinionated non-confrontational types, so passive aggression is our tool when dealing with conflict.

Of course, passive aggression and a relationship/marriage/living with a roommate/whatever don’t usually mix too well (as you can read about here and here).  I will usually internalize issues I have, thinking they’re individually not worth putting up a fight over, until I’m so overwhelmed with pet peeves that I end up exploding over something like having peas instead of broccoli as a side for dinner.

It’s the turn of the seasons, though, and with that, comes a renewed outlook on my approach to life.  And since I don’t like directly addressing problems or concerns that I have in a normal, healthy manner, I’ve resorted to singing my issues instead.

Take this one, for example, from this past weekend:

Oh Ripley,

Why isn’t Daddy #1

Making the beeeeeed?

I make it all week looooong

And take you on all your walks

He can at least make it

Once and a whiiiiiile….!

(So, not only am I singing–and not making much of an effort at rhyming–but I’m singing to the dog instead of my husband.)

This is me breaking out of my non-confrontational shell.  At least I’m verbalizing my issues now!

…In verse…

…and off-key…


…This might cause more problems than it solves.