A quick post today since, well, this week is gonna suck.

It’s probably the second-busiest, emotionally-draining time of the year at the university where I work as an academic advisor.  Some students are planning for summer research or work opportunities, while others are struggling with the realities of academic probation or dismissal or just plain old wrong “fit” with their major.

I’m grateful to my boss for letting me bring a little bit of pop color fun into my office (well, I don’t know if she let me so much as never told me I couldn’t…).  In my youth, oh so long ago, I loved collecting figurines of all sorts: action figures, “doll babies,” stuffed animals, etc.  I’m a collector at heart and love to accumulate tons of, well, nonsense.

I’ve curbed that tendency a lot over time; Lance doesn’t want the stuff piling up around the house and I honestly can’t blame him.  Thankfully, I can bring what pieces I have left to my office, where they line the top of my cabinets and sides and back of my desk: my original, 1995 Buzz Lightyear; my Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers stuffed animals from the ’80s; the custom Muppets we created at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop at the F.A.O. Schwarz in New York; my commissioned sketches of superheroes from famous comics artists.

They’re a great conversation starter. While I’d venture to guess they don’t buy me a lot of respect amongst my superiors, these little figures often cut the tension/lighten the mood when a student visits my office.

I need them to serve as backup during this roller coaster of a week!