With A Cup Of Coffee

reads headersWhat is it about those last frigid weeks of the winter that totally sap your energy to do anything?  I was so unmotivated to go to the gym the other day, so I started watching my brand spankin’ new Blu-ray copy of “Wreck-It Ralph” instead, only to turn it off halfway through and go to bed…at 9:30PM.

Anyway, hopefully that explains somewhat the lack of posts recently; I actually have a whole list of stuff to write about, but when it comes to actually getting up the gumption to write, well…I find myself catching up on episodes of Nashville instead (Juliette, you scoundrel!).

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled posts, however, I’d like to spread some love for of the corners of the Internet that kept me distracted from posting these last couple of days:

Have you checked out the episode(s) of the Disney Hipster Podcast that I totally crashed? You can find ’em on iTunes and elsewhere, but I’ll be nice and include a link here.

Melissa from Mouse on the Mind shares some of her, err…shall we say, challenging trivia questions from the Disney Northeast Meet-up, which I discussed a ways back.

Over on This Happy Place Blog, Estelle catches us up on the happening of Disney theatre, including Mary Poppins‘ swan song and the latest updates on Aladdin’s out-of-town tryout.

Estelle also tweeted us a video of Cheyenne Jackson and Jeremy Jordan “miscast” in one of Lance’s favorite musicals, Side Show! Thanks, Estelle!

Stitch Kingdom shares the first hi-res model art for Shanghai Disneyland; it looks so different from the traditional layout of the parks, I’m a little scared…and is that a Christmas tree between Enchanted Storybook Castle and the carousel? What the what?

MouseChow‘s Dawn chooses her stateroom on the Disney Dream! Lance and I have been debating between a short cruise or a trip out to L.A. this fall (of course, both Disney-related if I press hard enough!), so this is some great info in making an educated decision!

Mara Dreams of Disney has some beautiful photos of the new Tangled Toilets in Disney World’s Fantasyland. EXCITING.

My co-worker and pal Kelly from kellybakes.com talks about e-meeting a celebrity via gluten-free peanut butter brownies.  I have no interest in gluten-free anything and would probably jump off a bridge if I developed a gluten intolerance (“WHY IS LIFE WORTH LIVING???” I scream as I plunge to my doom), but, as Kelly says, the interactive possibilities of social media are mind-boggling at times.

Gizmodo reviews the release of the Marvel Unlimited app, which is intended to be sort of the Netflix Instant of comics.  I’m not ready to take the plunge yet, but if the functionality and titles are there, I might sign up.

DisneyCareers.com.  One day…