This past Saturday, Lance and I celebrated the fifth anniversary of our first date…by taking a nap and making our friend George go into anaphylactic shock due to the pet dander around our apartment.  Ahh, love.

We are not terribly gushy types; we don’t write poetry or execute grand Rube-Goldberg machines to express how we feel about each other.  We are usually content just being with each other…or, more likely, with me waiting for 45 minutes in the mall while Lance shops for candles.

It got me thinking, though, that for a “gay marriage (and more) blog,” we haven’t really talked about what got us from five years ago to today.  And since nobody likes talking about themselves more than I do, and since nobody likes being the center of attention like Lance, we’re going to run a series of posts this week about how we went from line-dancing night at Woody’s to a couple of old married fuddy-duddies.

You too, young gays, can be like us one day!!