Lance and Jeff, a young gay married couple just trying to make it in this cruel, hard world…with pets.

How We Met

Breaking The Gay Ice With My Parents

Moving In Together

Getting Engayged

Our First Marriage

Our Second Marriage

Our Wedding Reception: Bonus Features

Enjoy as we embarrass ourselves for your amusement.  Future employers, please don’t hold this against us.

[And one of these disclaimer things: The views and opinions expressed here are solely mine (and sometimes Lance’s) and do not reflect those of our employers, who are awesome (they would probably agree with this, though).]

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5 thoughts on “About

    1. I received my miles within two weeks of subscribing–pretty fast for the AA shopping portal! The New York Times charges in 4 week increments, so you essentially have to sign up for a month-long subscription.

      1. I cancelled at about the 3-week mark of the first 4-week charge. I got the paper through the end of the fourth week, but then nothing after that.

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