Photo Friday: Scribbles

I’m just going to own up to the defunct-ness of my sketch-a-day blog, The Dapper Doodle. ย While originally intentioned as a way to force me to dust off my creaky drawing habit, it turned out to be an obligation more than a hobby.

I used to “draw” quite a bit as a kid but it’s dropped to the wayside as Geeky, Acne’d Loner Teenager Me changed into Geeky, Acne’d Married Adult Me + Dog. ย (In that first year of puppyhood, don’t expect to get anything done, like, you know, read a book or anything.)

So let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, when I was still a glimmer in Lance’s “desperate for a man” hopes and dreams, to revisit one of my latter “art projects.” ย Can you spot when my dream to become a Disney animator or comic book artist crashed in a fiery heap on the side of the road?

Right before Lance and I were to officially move in together, he commissioned me to create a few paintings to hang up in our new place. ย The theme was X-Men…or probably more accurately, X-Women. ย Storm, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Rogue, Psylocke, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, DAZZLER…the list goes on and on.

Why the women of the X-Men? ย I dunno. ย Something about Storm in particular is very appealing to gay men, as far as I’ve been able to tell during my extensive anthropological studies of gay culture.

We’d been watching a lot of the Justice League cartoon around this same time, and I love Bruce Timm’s very angular, geometric, exaggerated (enormous chin on Superman, bodacious hips on Wonder Woman) simple character designs. ย They may be perpetuating sexist imagery to children, but hey!, it looks cool.

A few examples:

I definitely don’t claim ownership over any of these. These were created by acclaimed “Batman: The Animated Series” co-creator Bruce Timm.

So with this sort of style as my guide, I starting putting these together. I started with Jean Grey/Phoenix, my favorite X-man:

Original sketch on canvas.
Original coat of acrylic, then orange background filler, since it’s Lance’s favorite color.

Next, I moved on to Storm, in classic “X-Men: The Animated Series” uniform:

It will melt your brain if you think too much about Storm’s anatomy here.

And I finished with Rogue, also in her “X-Men: TAS” uniform (seriously, these characters change costumes like every six months). ย I originally had Rogue in a different pose than what she ended up with:


This wasn’t dynamic enough, I didn’t think, to balance out all the crazy baloney that’s going on with my Storm, so I went a different route, and based (err, stole?) the final pose from the cover of Rogue #1 by the late, super great Mike Wieringo.

Above: Wieringo’s original piece.

Below: mine, which is basically the same thing:


Together and displayed as intended, the three pieces looked like this:


These garish things hung above our sofa for two and a half years…and now occupy a snug little corner of our storage unit. ย Anybody who wants ’em, let me know–we’ll barter.

What sort of decorations/artwork have you created for your humble abode?


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