Travel Tuesday: On A White Sandy Beach in Hawaii

IMG_1144Prolonged absences from blog posts be damned!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, yos (plural for “yo,” an old-timey word mostly associated with Yo! MTV Raps), but between taking classes and various other life distractions, the blog was regretfully put on the back-burner.

Once such distraction that I’m not sad about was a business trip to Hawaii a few weeks back.

Several of my co-workers and I were accepted to a conference on the Big Island.  Now, I felt incredibly fortunate to have already vacationed in Hawaii twice in the past three years, but I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to go again, especially to an island I hadn’t been too yet.  I ended up giving three presentations at the conference blah blahblah

…Okay, nobody is here to read about that.  You’re more interested in how Lance responded to my business travel, yes?

Now, keep in mind that Lance’s fave place in the whole world (close runners-up include Las Vegas and the Bath & Body Works test-scent store in Johnson City, Tennessee) is Hawaii.  When it was confirmed that I’d be able to go to a conference on the Big Island, he was very, very excited to go, as it meant that all we’d have to pay for our of our own pockets was his airfare and food.

Unfortunately, as we started looking into flights, the airfare began skyrocketing into the $1300-1400 range, which was a little steep for the four days we’d be there.  We begrudgingly decided that I’d go to Hawaii without Lance. Lance’s consolation prize? That we’re going to Hawaii for a ten-day vacation in August.

Still, it’s not like Lance was super-content with me jetsetting to a tropical island in the sun without him.  He barely held it together as I began posting photos on Instagram:


Soooo he wasn’t handling it with the utmost dignity. Especially considering the late-night Domino’s run.

Anyway, between crazy conferencing at the ENORMOUS Hilton Waikoloa Village (which had both a dolphin and turtle habitat, not to mention a MONORAIL), we squeezed in a lot of fun little activities, and took lots of iPhone photos carefully edited to not reveal any of my secret pudge.

I’ll let the photos (mostly) speak for themselves:


Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls


Kilauea Caldera, the most active volcano on the planet…which was apparently taking a nap while we were there. No dangerous lava flow for us :’-(
My co-workers Kelly and Terri and I, excited to experience one of the Big Island’s 11 climate zones!!!
A traditional plate lunch at Cafe 100 in Hilo, Hawaii, with macaroni potato salad and Portuguese sausage
Lava Lava Beach Club



Hapuna Beach
Pololu Valley


Pololu Valley Beach, made up of black sand and lava rocks!
Pololu Valley
Petroglyphs, rock carvings done by ancient Hawaiians
The coffee plantation we visited high up in the mountains. They make their own fertilizer to grow the beans in (featured on “Dirty Jobs”!)
Mountain Thunder Coffee Planation (cameo by chicken)
Our last stop before catching the plane home…Kona Brewing Company’s brewery and pub!

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