Happy Marriage License Day!


The other day, my parents sent us a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory.  Inside the card read: “Happy Marriage License Day!”

Two years ago today, Lance and I got legally wed (which you can read about here).  There was never any question about a “commitment ceremony” or “civil union” or “legal marriage.”  Though we’re two dudes, we’re traditional in a lot of ways, and this was one of them.  Being legally married, no matter which states or countries actually recognized said union, was just something we had to do.

It’s been a whirlwind two years, sure–extensive travels, two moves, adding a dog to our Furry Friend Gang–but I, at least, don’t measure our marriage by this anniversary, except to have an excuse to go out to dinner (usually on my dime, too. DANG IT!)

No. Lance and I have always been married.  We’ve always been attached to each other (not in the Side Show way, but close), been open with each other, fought with each other just like a married couple, ever since we met.

We developed an acronym for each other not long after we met, which we still use today: P.N.F.F. Which stands for “Partner ‘N’ Friend Forever.” (how revolting cute, I know.)

Much love to you today and every day, my P.N.F.F.

Oh…and you’ve got a two-drink limit at dinner tonight. I’m not Daddy Warbucks or anything.

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