Bowling Bawl

bowling cartoon

Relationships 101: it’s not really about compromise.  Compromise implies that you’re meeting somebody halfway between your opinion and theirs.  How often does this happen in relationships? Never, because then both parties end up being half-miserable because neither person got what they wanted.

No, relationships are really about sucking it up and giving in completely on half of everything you do, or doing stuff you would never do otherwise because, gosh darnit, you just love that person and it would mean a lot to them.

Case in point: Lance’s family often chooses to go bowling as part of a birthday celebration.  This is totally fine and normal and completely in line with how, like, every American ever probably celebrates birthdays and other family get-togethers.


I did not grow up in a family of bowlers, or a family who willfully chose friendly competition if any other options were available to us.  Everybody in my family has both a competitive edge and sucks at sports, two things which don’t mesh really well.  The stories of my dad cursing his way through his own adolescent bowling experiences are legendary.

This is where I come from: I’m competitive but I’m terrible, and I don’t possess the honest self-deprecation required to play it for laughs.  It’s all for show as I roll ball after ball into the gutter, haw-hawing as my insides are not-so-secretly twisted up in pretzeled frustration.

It’s even doubly irritating because I usually count on Lance to be the one that people laugh at, except he’s surprisingly good at bowling, the jerk!

I would never agree to participate in any sort of physical competition because I SUCK at it and can’t shrug it off with a laugh.  But, I do it for Lance and his family since it means something to them, which in turn means something to me, etc. etc.  Because of this, I’m happy to bowl even though I don’t really want to, and am not really good at it.

But that’s not to say I’m not keeping track of how many games of bowling we’ve playing, just waiting for the right moment to cash those chips in for something I want: a trip to Colonial Williamsburg!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bowling Bawl

  1. Brilliant and true. It’s astonishing how different my partner’s family and my own are. We joke a lot about the “price” we pay by putting up with the other’s ridiculous stuff.

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