A Mouse of A Man

blog 1.30.13
Back in the day, when I used to shave on a semi-regular basis.

Just a quick plug today for a guest-post I wrote for Mouse on the Mind.  Please go check it out!

As you get older, that need to justify the things you love (especially if they are considered “outside the norm” amongst your peers) dissipates.  You gain perspective, and realize that life’s too short, sincere joy is too few and far between, and honestly, most other people are too involved in their own shit to carry any deep, profound distain for you because you like comic books, or collect stamps, or love Mickey Mouse.

My post for Mouse on the Mind tries to chart how I fell out of love with the one of the things I loved most when I was a kid–Disney, and all it signified–and how that love redeveloped as I grew older.  It’s a different kind of appreciation, not as naive but with deeper affection. I have a better sense now of how that mouse and his compatriots sprinkle little bursts of happiness throughout my life, in different tiny ways every day.  It may seem childish to you, and that’s okay. I’m not only fine with that, it’s sort of a badge of honor.  The world could use a little bit of pixie dust and fairy tales every once and a while.



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