The Lance+Jeff Wedding: Bonus Features

I mentioned in our last post that Lance and I decided it would be fun to have little comics featuring the two of us scattered throughout our reception.  Through the help of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, basically a free version of Photoshop) and the free version of Comic Life (since I wasn’t about to spend $14.99 on the full-featured version, hell no!), we came up with the following.  I printed them up as 11″x14″ glossy posters on Vistaprint, and they were perched on little easels around our reception:




I will admit that this is a very mean joke at the expense of not only Tony-nominated Emily Skinner, but at myself, since Lance always calls me names like “porker” and “chunk-butt” due to my weight. ::SOB!::

paintings_5-6 Storm_in full color!_2

I also hand-painted this one, which was on display as people were entering the reception:

Lance: “Uhh…you’re not going to dance, are you?”
Jeff: “I won’t dance as long as you don’t sing.”
Lance: “Deal.”

All said, it was a way for us to try and capture our personalities and interests in a cute little way, keeping consistent with the cartoon versions of ourselves which we introduced in our Save-the-Dates.

My dad was really insistent, encouraging us to continue our little cartoon adventures online, which is why the Lance+Jeff blog exists in the first place!  Thanks, Pop!


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