Introducing The Dapper Doodle

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No, this isn’t a project about our well-dressed goldendoodle puppy; sorry to disappoint.

Actually, The Dapper Doodle is my new sketch-a-day blog! TDD will feature a new doodle every day, themed around and drawing from the well of the Disney Company’s vast and ever expanding catalog of characters.

This’ll be my primary outlet to express my love of Disney, while also trying to rebuild much of the technique and dexterity I’ve lost through years of inactive sketching.  I used to be kinda good, I swear!  And hopefully the doodles will get better (or at least, exhibit more skill) as time goes on.  Please follow along right on the blog or its Twitter feed, @thedapperdoodle!

[And all you Lance+Jeff fans: don’t fret! TDD is a side-project, an accompaniment to this blog.  It’s by no means replacing L+J; I’m just re-distributing some of my obsessions.]

See ya real soon over at The Dapper Doodle!


4 thoughts on “Introducing The Dapper Doodle

  1. Oh my goodness, what is it with Yo Gabba Gabba and our kids? LOL!! Mine are toatlly obsessed with it too! It is so cool that Little Bitty is drawing along with that segment. Bug is constantly drawing Plex on his chalkboard these days.How did you get him to hoold the pen the right way?? Bug just will not do that. They work with him at school, I work with him here, he just won’t. 😦

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