Thanks, Y’All

Apologies, dudes and dudettes; scanner’s on the fritz today.

A quick note of appreciation as 2012, A.F.M.A. (After False Mayan Apocalypse), draws to a close:

We started this blog not even a year ago as an excuse to doodle and an exercise in writing, an attempt to capture the absurdity and mundanity in an everyday marriage (which just happened to have a “gay-” prefix since “gay” is such a popular search term.  Maybe that’s the reason why “porn” is so often one of the search terms which gets directed to this site? Sorry to disappoint, guys!)  It was sorta intended to have a David Sedaris-like approach, except without his skill and money.

(…Still waiting on that money. Who wants to buy our story and make an unsuccessful broadcast television pilot of it?)

When I started, I had no real belief I’d stick with this blog longer than a month or two, since the path of my Internet presence is litered with unloved, failed Livejournals, Blogspots, etc.  And while it’s easy to lie and be noble and claim that this blog could be created in a vacuum regardless of reception and feedback, we all know that’s not true.

I can’t thank y’all enough for dropping in every few days to read a new post about any number of stupid topics that come up in the conversations I have with Lance.  This blog is not always consistent and we’re still working on the right tone and “voice,” but we truly appreciate all the love, the words of encouragement, and the ever-increasing readership.  It means a great deal that so many people think we’re funny (or at least cute enough to stalk us through our trip report photos).

And since the end of the year is about reflection (and trying to bump up your post count for 2012, duh), below are links to some of my favorite posts, here and elsewhere, from throughout the year, giving those of you who’re new to this blog a chance to get a feel for what we’re about.  For those of you who’ve been there from the beginning, well…I guess I got another site hit out of you today 😛

  1. Cat Boogers
  2. The Donut Compromise
  3. Bath & Blubber Works
  4. Cranky Neighbors Episode III: The Gays Strike Back
  5. Controversy! Why Our Puppy is More Challenging Than Your Baby
  6. A Crisis of Fragrance
  7. Birthday Boy
  8. National Coming Out Gay
  9. Our Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Report
  10. The Bath & Body Works Holiday Scent Challenge

I was also fortunate enough to contribute to This Happy Place Blog‘s EndEARing and Underrated series about under-appreciated Disney films, and Mouse on the Mind‘s Disney at Night series.  Not only am I proud of those posts, but both sites are wonderful and charming and I’m so, so glad this blog has allowed me to get to know THPB’s Estelle and MOTM’s Melissa.

Ours isn’t a Disney blog, but I love Disney a lot (often to Lance’s chagrin) and it spills over into posts pretty regularly.  If you’re a Disney-phile, please check out the “Our Adventure Blog” tab up at the top of the page to see all of our Disney-related posts.  (I’ve been toying with changing the tab name to “The Dapper Dandies,” but not only is that possibly offensive and stepping on the toes of the Disney Hipsters, but I’m neither dapper and barely a dandy…)

Again, thanks so much, everyone, for a great 2012! I’m sure we’ll have plenty of antics and ridiculous squabbles to share with you all over the next year…!


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Y’All

  1. Happy new year! I adore you and so glad that Melissa connected the two (three?) of us. It’s been such a pleasure to read your blog, and have your writing on THP. Thank you for everything + I’m hoping for a meeting in 2013!

    1. I’m like Lance’s surrogate to blogging, so wherever I go, assume I represent him as well!

      I’d love a meet-up! We’re moving into Philly proper in the next month or so, so it’ll be a lot easier for us to actually get up to NYC!

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