25X: That Christmas Moment


There’s that intangible moment every year where it clicks: it’s Christmastime. Holiday parties! Carolers on the streets! Twinkling lights and wreaths and being generally a fat ass as you unapologetically gorge yourself on as many cookies, pie pieces, and drumsticks that you can fit in your mouth and around your waste before New Year’s.

There’s an energy, a constant low buzz of glee, a skip in your step, when your mind turns over, like a bad mattress, to Christmas mode.  You’re in the zone: you’ll spend hours baking cookies, hours writing out cards, and you’ll even listen to “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” without killing yourself.  You’ll do it all with a sense of unquestioning enjoyment.

It seems like I’m sugarcoating Christmas, but this switch-flipping happens to me every year, when the other pressing concerns of life are put on the back burner as Christmas cheer for all to hear fills me up inside.  There’s no specific point in the season when this sensation arrives, or anything particular that seems to cause it; when it’s there, I know.

We’re down to, what, 11 days before Christmas, and friends, that strand of lights in my mind hasn’t flickered on yet.  I became conscious of its absence when we were in Disney World.  I loved our Diet Disney trip and, save for only getting three hours of sleep on our last night there, we had a wonderful time.  But it didn’t fill me with Christmas joy.  Neither did putting up the tree, or cutting out paper snowflakes, or even reminiscing on this blog about all I love about the holiday season.

Why am I not excited? Is it being busy at work? It is because Lance and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year? Is it because it’s the first Christmas ever that I’m not going to spend with my family?  Some of Column A, all of Column B?

At this point, I’m a little worried it isn’t going to come, that Christmas 2012 will be here and then gone and then…that’s it.  Christmas is so awesome that I don’t want that to come to pass, but I’m not quite sure what to do.  Can you force the Christmas spirit?

Gimme some ideas, folks.  Help this hapless grinch.  Do y’all have strategies to get yourselves into the holiday spirit?

3 thoughts on “25X: That Christmas Moment

  1. Gah! I’m feeling Grinchy, too! A bunch of my friends and I were discussing how it so doesn’t feel like Christmas this year! I’m choosing to blame the fact that it was like 70 degrees last week…

  2. Sounds like a lot of your big traditions – being with family and gift giving – aren’t happening this year. So there’s no big culmination coming on Christmas. Maybe if you planned a new tradition (or a one time tradition) for the big day? Several years back, I didn’t have Thanksgiving plans and was stuck in Chicago. A friend and I got together on T-day, went grocery shopping, made a meal for 7, and spent the evening watching Ice Age and drinking creative mix drinks.

    It turned out to be one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories.

    Maybe putting together plans like that would help?

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