25X: All I Want For Christmas Is A Lottery Instant Game Ticket

I don’t know about you, but PLEASE, gift me $20 in scratch-off lottery tickets. I wouldn’t rather have those than $20 in cold hard cash–of course not!

Okay, okay, so the idea of giving lottery tickets as holiday gifts isn’t one of my favorite aspects of the season; I’m of the opinion that it’s a lazy-man’s (or “person’s;” we’re gender-pronoun neutral here at Lance+Jeff) idea of gift-giving, much like anything you buy at CVS or Walgreen’s and try to pass off as a legitimate gift.  I can guarantee that, unless your recipient has asked for incontinence supplies, they don’t want anything you picked up at a pharmacy.

All that being said, what I do love about this time of year are companies running commercials trying to pass off their products as the perfect gift.  Obviously, people have different needs and desires, but…lottery tickets? Sure, why not.  Or this current LivingSocial deal for laser toenail fungus removal? “Don’t let fungus foul up your happy holidays”? Don’t let fungus foul up MY happy holidays–get that shit taken care of, girl!

My favorite obvious holiday cash-in, though, is the new “holiday” commercial for WeatherTech car floor mats, which is basically the same commercial they run year-round, except with a new holiday voiceover, fake snow, and antlers digitally painted onto the two featured golden retrievers:


Whatever happened to the days of commercials like Coca-Cola’s blatant diversity training video, “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke”? Or this Staples Christmas commercial? Between the WeatherTech mess and Lexus thinking that putting a bow on a brand-new luxury sedan is both somehow creative and a viable gift option for most people, we are facing a severe creative drought when it comes to Christmas commercials.  All you can do is appreciate the absurdity of it all.

At least they still air some of the classics on TV, including one of my all-time faves:

What’s your favorite holiday commercial?

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One thought on “25X: All I Want For Christmas Is A Lottery Instant Game Ticket

  1. I have to preface this comment by admitting that I haven’t watched commercial television (with the exception of putting myself in an HDTV coma whenever I’m stuck in a hotel) in ten years, and one of the reasons I *don’t* watch commercial television is because I despise commercials. That said…

    My favorite ‘holiday’ commercial is actually the old Cadbury commercial that would come out around Easter, the with the clucking bunny who lays the chocolate egg. I mean, really?!? Let’s think about that for a moment. Do I *really* want to eat something that’s been shat out of a hare? It’s absurd. And like most commercials…

    It’s a bunch of crap.


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