Christmastime Is Here

Our friend Rosie once described Lance as such:

“When Lance likes something, he likes it hard.”

So it goes with Christmas. When I got into this relationship, I had a hard time adjusting to Lance’s Christmas schedule: full-on carols and decorations and gingerbread (oh lord, the gingerbread) from November 1st onward. As somebody who grew up as a “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” Catholic, this was a bit of a shock. Why drag out Christmas for so long? By having nearly two full months of Christmas, aren’t you diluting its magicalness?

No, not for Lance. To Lance, Christmastime is the bestest time of year, so why not celebrate it for two months? Given how happy this time of year makes him, I can’t say I see the downside to this logic.

So pop in that Mariah Carey, order a gingerbread latte, and lather yourself up in Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion. It’s Christmas, baby.

6 thoughts on “Christmastime Is Here

  1. I just saw the sbux lattes were out. I can’t deal with that. I’m having anxiety just thinking about holiday shopping. Scratch that, holiday baking! Gahh! Think of all that flour I need to bike home!

  2. So… I am a firm believer in Christmastime not starting until Santa shows up at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Plus, Nov 1 is my birthday… not Christmastime. However, my friends and I do believe that Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is a year round song. We have been known to play it on summertime bar crawls.

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