Lance, Un-American?

Even after 5 years or thereabouts, Lance remains a near mystery to me (and, believe me, I’ve seen it all, even things I wish I could unsee!).  One such example: there are many things which good-natured, apple pie-eating Americans adore…and Lance despises.  Here’s just a sampling of things that Lance inexplicably dislikes:

  • The Muppets
  • Claymation
  • The movie A Christmas Story
  • NPR
  • The Back to the Future movies
  • Friday Night Light‘s Tami Taylor, y’all
  • The Peanuts
  • Star Wars
  • The whole of Europe (though, I guess this fact makes him MORE American, somehow…)

…And the real kicker is Mad Men.  Yeah, I get that it’s not for everybody–especially considering Sunday’s weak season finale! Boo!–but Lance has a friend from grade school who works as a producer on the show.  Shouldn’t he like it just enough to get a set visit out of the deal? It’s completely unpatriotic not to exploit this relationship for my benefit.  For shame!

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