Where’s Our Ad, J.C. Penney?

If you have your finger on the pulse of gay these days, you’ve probably heard about J.C. Penney’s pretty groundbreaking Father’s Day ad featuring My Two Dads.  And, yeah sure, that’s great and all.  But what about us?


I mean, seriously, look at these two sexy bitches.  Why aren’t we featured in any major retail advertisements?  Sure, we may not have kids, but a cute puppy is worth, like, six toddlers, right? (Sorry, Kitty, but it’s true.)

This is my call to action for major department stores to pamper us during photo shoots and shower us with money and fame.  We’ll also take offers from J. Crew, Education Connection, local car dealerships, or Cat Fancy.

Get on it, Corporate America!  We’ll be waiting for a phone call and a comically oversized check.


Jeff & Lance

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