A typical fight in our household:


The other day as I was walking Ripley, I ran into one of our neighbors.  Pleasantries were had (as every dog owner must awkwardly experience).  Then the neighbor lays this one on me:

“Sooo, are the two of you interior decorators?”

Uhh, is this suburban code for something?  Is she asking what I think she’s asking?  Is this like the time the American Airlines flight attendant asked Lance and I if we were brothers? (Not to single you out, AA; Southwest flight attendants have asked the same thing.)

Aren’t these subtle probing questions about somebody’s sexuality a thing of the past? Why don’t you just be up front about it and ask if Kylie Minogue is in my Recently Played on iTunes?

And, really, considering that we co-habitate a one-bedroom apartment with a dog and a cat and only one car…no combination of those facts were enough to confirm your suspicions, lady?  Sheesh!


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