Travel Tip Thursday: How Shopping Can Net You Mega Miles


Apologies for the lack of updates, LEG+JCBphiles, but, you know, DOG.

Anyway, quick update today on how to make sure you’re getting the most out of regular purchases.  I mean, why buy $100 in pet gates when I can buy $100 in pet gates and get 400 frequent flier miles?

You can purchase products from almost every major retailer online and earn miles or hotel points, as long as you make sure to go through an extra step or two (and, honestly, if you’re spending money so fast online that you can’t slow down enough to take these extra steps, then you should speak with a professional).

Now, how do you find out if, say, the infant chinos you want to buy from BabyGap for your creepy human doll will qualify for miles? There’s a really useful site out there call ev’reward, where you just enter the URL for the website you want to purchase from, and it will produce a list of programs like American Airlines AAdvantage or US Airways Dividend Miles that will award miles for that purchase, and how many miles you’ll earn per dollar spent.

Just to reiterate what I said in a previous post: you’re probably only going to earn 3-5 miles per dollar spent, so this is not going to net you a first-class round-trip to Paris anytime soon, but it’s a nice way to keep a steady stream of miles flowing into your account, and they do add up over time.  Sometimes, too, retailers will offer higher amounts during promotions.  You can also earn lots of miles through subscription-based products like The New York Times (where I earned 1761 AA miles for home delivery), magazine subscriptions (23 miles per dollar on, or Netflix (1000+ miles for new subscriptions).

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to a really useful miles tool for which I’ve been late to the party: AwardWallet. If you are new to the miles game like I was until recently, you may find yourself checking a dozen different websites to keep track of how many miles you have with United, then Delta, then hotel points with Hyatt, Starwood, and so on.  Not only that, but you’ve probably signed up for so many rewards programs over the years that you probably don’t remember log-in info across all of the different sites.  Well, timesuck no more!  AwardWallet allows you to keep track of all of your rewards programs on one site. Super simple and convenient!

Happy travels, everyone!  We will be living vicariously through you, since we are now house-arrested with Ripley, the world’s cutest ankle bracelet.


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