Kitchen Catastrophe: Week 3 Recap

I’m starting to suffer from “ingredients are expensive”-itis, everyone.

This past weekend, we went to Giant to buy ingredients for the two dishes below and I ended up spending around $40.

$40 for TWO meals.  I might as well have gone to Chili’s and gotten an appetizer AND a margarita instead.

Anyway, that alone may be enough to dissuade me from continuing to make things from scratch, especially when I’m only making for two and Lance hates leftovers.

That being said, I begrudgingly poured my $40 worth of confectioner’s sugar and Yukon gold potatoes into giant bowls and stirred. Let’s see what I came up with:

First dish: Spanish Chicken and Potato Roast

This plating would receive 10 points from celebrity guest Kathy Griffin on "Iron Chef America"!

Friends, a word of advice: whenever you’re making a dish with chicken in it, make sure to actually thaw the chicken first! I didn’t, and for whatever reason, the “cold water immersion bath” tactic just wasn’t working.  I ended up nuking the breasts (tee hee!) for a few minutes just to get them to be pliable.

Otherwise, this turned out pretty good.  Lance thought it lacked a little flavor, but that was probably due to an uneven distribution of the paprika-based seasoning.  I had a breast (hee hee!) that was covered in it which I really enjoyed.

Recipe archived for future use!

Second dish: Bacony Breakfast Cupcake

Rest assured, there is real, actual bacon in this dish, and not something faux.

Unfortunately, given that my nearly 2-year-old phone now refuses to keep a charge through the entire day, I wasn’t able to take a bunch of pictures.  Suffice to say, these came out okay, though I used a tray for mega-cupcakes as opposed to a regular cupcakes, so there ended up being too much cake in proportion to the frosting.

Also, this is definitely a pancake in cupcake form, so what I originally thought was going to be a sweet dessert ended up being more of a savory dish, especially with the chives and the bacon.  I might try a different approach next term and make pancake muffins with pecans in them instead.

And, frosting?  It actually IS better to wait for the cupcake to cool down so that your frosting doesn’t melt down the sizes of your panmuffcake.  I was able to take this one photo before it all went to hell:

What this recipe also doesn’t tell you is that, if you’re being all fancy and trying to make a frosting swirl, you should start on the outside and work your way in.  Why this never occurred to me is a mystery, and led to some janky-looking cupcakes.

[Sidebar: “Janky,” after being made fun of for years due to using this “made-up” word, is actually a real thing. So there!]

So this week was a bit of a setback. What’s the most frustrating about this is that, even though I am developing a comfortability in the kitchen which I was previously lacking, I don’t have this innate confidence that I see in many other people.  I have an inferiority complex, dammit!  I know a lot of that confidence others express is a result of decades of practice, which I don’t have.  Throwing myself into this crash course and forcing myself into the kitchen is the only way I’m gonna learn.


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